Breast Uplift
Breast uplift surgery or mastopex, firms and uplifts the breasts by getting rid of surplus skin, and tightening the adjacent tissue to support and re-shape the new breast form.

Breasts tend to change over time, and lose their tautness and youthful appearance. These changes are likely to result from:

Severe oscillation in the weight

It is not possible to re-construct the natural supportive-structure of the breasts; however, it is feasible to re-contour them so that they look more youthful and firm. In a mastopexy, excess skin is eliminated from under the breast and the breast is re-shaped in to a tighter cone, and the nipples are re-placed at a higher level. The procedure also helps decrease the size of the areola. Furthermore, some people like to combine a breast uplift surgery with either a breast augmentation procedure or a breast reduction procedure.

During the consultation, your cosmetic surgeon takes in to account your age, the shape and size of the breasts, condition of the skin and the necessity of an implant.

Breast Uplift Surgery: The Procedure

This surgery is usually performed under a general anesthesia and will entail an overnight hospital stay. The procedure may take 1 to 3 hours depending on the extent of the surgery.

There are various categories of breast lift; they vary by the incision pattern. They are:

1. Lollipop Lift: is most suitable for those who have a moderate degree of drooping of the breasts.

2. Donut Lift: or peri-areolar lift or Benelli lift is appropriate for mild to moderate drooping

3. Anchor Incision or Inverted T lift: suitable for those who have too much sagging.

4. Crescent Lift: is normally done in combination with breast enhancement surgery and is suitable for those who have a small degree of sagging.

5. Scarless Breast Lift: associated with procedures that use Botox or liposuction to attain a lifting effect.

Certain factors and personal choice will decide the definite technique to lift the breasts.

Incisions along the breast's contour delineate the area of excision and the new position of the areola and nipple.

Excessive amount of skin is removed and the nipple and areola are moved to a higher position.

The areola, which in a drooping breast may be slightly stretched, may be decreased in size. The skin that was previously situated above the areola is brought down to re-shape the breast.

The areola and nipple remain attached to the underlying tissue, and this permits the preservation of sensation and the capability to breast feed.

Before the Breast Uplift Procedure

You will be told to avoid drugs that contain ibuprofen or aspirin 2 weeks before the surgery.

Consume a nutrient-rich diet before and after the surgery, this accelerates the recovery time appreciably.

Do not eat or drink the night prior to the surgery.

Stop smoking. If you are taking contraceptive pills, change to a substitute 6 weeks before the surgery.

If you are overweight, try to shed the extra weight before the procedure.

Arrange to have someone take you home after your surgery and stay with you for a couple of days.

Recovery after Breast Uplift Surgery

After the surgery, you will have 2 small tubes emerging from each breast to drain any collection of blood. This will be kept for a short period of time. Painkillers will be administered to manage pain and discomfort.

Your surgeon will persuade you to wear a firm bra after the procedure until the stitches are removed, which will be about 2 weeks after the procedure.

After the surgery, you may resume work within one week, depending on your job. You can resume most of your normal activities as well as mild exercise after a few weeks. Do not do any strenuous exercises. There may be mild, periodic discomfort, but don’t panic. Severe pain must be reported to the doctor immediately. Sexual activity must be avoided for about 2 weeks.

Over the period of 1 year, the scars will slowly fade from red to pale. The cosmetic surgeon will make every endeavor, so that the scars are not noticeable, but do remember that the scars are permanent and rather extensive.